I nearly died from a sleep disorder that left me tired all day even after I slept through the night. I would come down asleep at my desk and while reading the newspaper at 4 pm. I had to stop driving shortly before being diagnosed because I would fall asleep at the wheel. On good days, I would feel lethargic that meant that I would experience a total lack of energy. My doctor recommended that I had a Polysomnography (sleep study) because my symptoms indicated that I had a sleep disorder. I was eventually diagnosed with a condition known as sleep apnea.

The diagnostic study is called a polysomnography technique which measures airflow by a device called a nasal pressure transducer. This was an overnight study of my sleep pattern. The procedure involved sensors being connected to my head and my chest, and they were then connected to a device that recorded the amount of times I stopped breathing. I was startled when the doctor administering the test said I stopped breathing 163 times during the eight-hour study which led to the diagnoses of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and low oxygen saturation levels.

despressing quotes due to sleep disorder

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OSA is a crumble of the upper airway that happens when the soft tissues in the throat relax with sleep, and this blocks the air flow. The doctor prescribed a Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) machine for nighttime use that prevents the fall of the soft tissues of the throat. I put on a mask over my nose and a tube connected to the CPAP feeds air at a pressure prescribed by a doctor. The development in my quality of life after the first night was astounding, and my wife was relieved to sleep without my constantly snoring awakening her. Every day since for ten years has been a real joy.


I was shocked when I learned about other problems that sleep apnea could cause. Lisa Shives, M.D., is the founder of Northshore Sleep Medicine in Evanston, Illinois, and she is a recognized expert in sleep disorders. She has studied the link between sleep apnea and silent strokes. Citing an American Stroke Association’s study, Dr. Shives has strong evidence to believe that (OSA) can lead to silent strokes. Refer to: http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2012/02/01/sleep-apnea-linked-to-silent-strokes/ for detailed information on the silent strokes and other associated problems. There are so many problems that can be caused by sleep apnea.

Is Venus Factor The Secret to These Celebrities Perfect Body

From Kirstie Alley’s 100-pound weight loss (“Fat Actress” begone!) to Jennifer Aniston’s get-in-the-zone diet dedication, get the secrets to the five most-successful celebrity transformations:

  1. Kirstie Alley: After struggling with her weight for years, Kirstie decided to create her diet plan. Her new company, Organic Liaison, features an organic weight loss product called Rescue Me – and Kirstie rescued herself by losing 100 pounds.
  2. Oprah Winfrey: The talk show host queen battled the bulge for decades, going public with her war against weight. Example: she came on stage pulling a little red wagon piled with 67 pounds of fat (representing her success at the time with a protein diet). Now, she’s made peace with her body, working with fitness trainers and physicians to become slimmer and more healthy.
  3. Jennifer Aniston: This once-plump “Friend” became the “poster girl” for the Zone diet. The Zone program uses protein blocks, carb blocks, and fat blocks to help you stay satisfied while losing weight. In addition, Jennifer faithfully practices yoga.
  4. Kelly Osbourne: “Dancing with the Stars” began her transformation – and Kelly resolved to continue her slim-down success. In an interview with Shape magazine, Kelly credited dance partner Louis van Amstel with guiding her that she continues today. Coupled with fitness, including a personal trainer and her mom’s support, Kelly today is radiant and slim.
  5. Britney Spears: This “oops I did it again” singer-actress-dancer rode the weight loss rollercoaster more than once. Now, determined to get healthy for her children, Britney is driving past those formerly favorite fast food joints and heading for grilled chicken and salads. Her exercise program includes using the treadmill and dancing.

5 Easy Celebrity Weight Loss Tips

These easy celebrity weight loss tips come right from the routines of the most-famous women in Hollywood, and range from smart snacks to gym tricks. Read on to discover five easy celebrity weight loss tips, and follow in the footsteps of the stars on your journey to a slimmer, more fit you. Many of them have found to be using a new famous weight loss system known as venus factor.

1. Try one of the natural celebrity weight loss tips Angelina Jolie used to get into shape for her role as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. According to the Losing Weight Zone, Jolie swapped coffee for soy drinks as part of her regimen to firm up and slim down. Instead of the sudden power spikes of caffeine, which can throw off your metabolism, the protein of soy offers steady, lasting energy, and helps you build muscle.

2. The next time you’re at the gym, test out this easy celebrity weight loss tip that worked for Grey’s Anatomy and Knocked Up star Katherine Heigl: switch from working your front to working your back. Her trainer told The Hollywood Gossip that part of the secret to her hot bod is that they focus on working the muscles in her back, which helps give her core strength and a long line. He suggests dumbbell back rows and triceps extensions, which will help you get amazing posture like Heigl’s, so you carry your torso straight, long, and lean.

3. American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has a positive body image in the face of media pressure to be wisp-thin, so you know her easy celebrity weight loss tips are going to be about health, not just about how you look. People magazine says that when she gets a sugar craving, Kelly reaches for a healthy sweet treat: frozen grapes.

4. The Hollywood Gossip offers this easy celebrity weight loss tip from Audrina Patridge of television’s “The Hills”: workout while you’re watching television, even if it’s just simple exercises like squats. While skipping the gym in favor of a soap opera sounds like one of the most-appealing celebrity weight loss tips ever, it’s most effective if you follow a regular healthy workout plan a few days a week, then use your tv time as a way to do a little extra strength-building.

5. Talk about easy celebrity weight loss tips: this one is so simple, all you need to make it happen is a pair of eyes! People magazine reports that Cameron Diaz, the blonde bombshell star of movies like Charlie’s Angels, cut all white foods from her diet when she wanted to shed pounds. White foods like pasta, white bread, cake, crackers, and rice, tend to have higher glycemic indexes than their dark-colored counterparts. That means they spike and then crash your blood sugar, leading to cravings and hunger, which is bad news for anyone trying to lose weight. So, take a tip from Diaz, and when you see white, think twice before you take a bite.


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